Jul 17 2011

No studies prove saturated fat causes heart disease

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HealthNews of the Month
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Chiropractic vs. Medicine for Acute LBP- No Contest
“Acute low back pain patients demonstrate significantly greater improvement with chiropractic than usual care.”

Down The Cholesterol Rabbit Hole
“”I knew from reading many articles by experts in the field that cholesterol was a red herring and not the real cause of heart problems.”

After Heatstroke, When Is It Safe to Exercise?
“Then, with half a lap to go, he collapsed. He got up, started to run again, and collapsed again, 50 meters from the finish line, in a coma, unresponsive.”

Berries seen boost to brain performance in people from 18 to 80
“Almost all of the numerous cell and animal studies on this subject suggest that berry-borne flavanols enhance and protect aging brains.”


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